Connect and Contact

Have you become isolated because of the pandemic? But I’m not really talking about social distancing here.  What I mean is, have you stopped reaching out to your target audience? I see way too many business owners doing so. But the truth is, the hiding that they’re doing is only risking the future of their […]

Consistency, Charisma, and Value

I have shown you some of the best ways to connect with your audience. And now, I want to go over essential tips for this. As you know, there’s a blizzard out there for most businesses.  People may be in isolation, but they’re also more connected than they’ve been. Every business is moving its marketing […]

Find People with Money and Needs

Every business has a unique selling cycle. That means you can’t sell the same way for both high-ticket and low-ticket offers. Your sales process must also look very different, depending on whether you’re a wholesaler or retailer. But that’s not all. Many other factors influence the specifics of your sales cycle. However, some principles are […]

Forget lead generation: Do this instead

When something goes wrong with your business, you might think that more leads will fix the problem. So many entrepreneurs consider leads as some kind of cure-all that will get them more money and solve any challenges. This might make sense…but only at first. The reality is that new leads can be very costly. It […]

Do you have the right Audience?

How this Fundamental rule of sales can help you When was the last time you did market research and updated your target audience? Are you still selling to the same people as a few months ago? Many entrepreneurs don’t understand this fundamental rule of sales…  You must know who your audience is at any given […]

This one characteristic will impact your success

The most important secret to success Believe it or not, I have clients who are making a killing out there, pandemic and all. They’re doubling their conversions and quadrupling their social media reach. They’re getting 20–30% more sales than before! What’s their secret? Do they know something you don’t? No. The easiest way to explain is through […]

Have you stopped selling?

Your Customers Need You Tell me, how do you feel about selling right now? Chances are  you don’t feel very confident, right? Many entrepreneurs are terrified of selling in these crazy times. Just recently, I got a call from a business owner saying that he had no idea how to sell right now. He felt like […]

Two things that will help you sell like crazy

How You Can Attract Customers In my last email, I explained why you must never stop selling. Just because we’re in a crisis, it doesn’t mean that your audience doesn’t need you. With that said, there are changes that you might need to make to your sales process. Businesses are facing many challenges these days, and you […]