Beat the chaos and educate yourself

What changes have you made since the beginning of 2021? Have you made any pivots in your work?

Or, are you keeping everything the same as it was a few months ago?

If you are, you’ll want to turn this around as soon as you can.

In my last email, I talked about the importance of being a leader and taking responsibility for your business, yourself, and your family.

And now I’m going to tell you how to do it.

If there’s one thing that this crisis has taught us, it’s that we need to educate ourselves. And I’m not just talking about business owners.

What I mean is that we all need to adapt to the changes in front of us.

In a business context, it’s time to start learning how to deal with challenges and overcome them.

If you throw in the towel during this crisis and just sit there waiting for things to get better, you’ll be waiting for a while. And your business probably won’t survive that long.

What you should do instead is take the wheel and invest in your education. This is what we’re all doing right now, so you need to get on board if you want to survive and thrive.

Don’t know how to get in front of a camera and reach out to your audience?

Then learn how to do it!

You need to understand how powerful you are. You can teach yourself to do everything you need to sell and grow.

Anyone can be successful when the market is blooming and everything is peachy. It’s when things get tough that true entrepreneurs shine, even as the rest fall behind.

If you’re reading this email, it means that you’re willing to work to be a true entrepreneur. You’re willing to continue to learn and find your way out of the chaos.

Be Awesome!

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The mindset you need right now

Do you consider yourself a leader?

By default, if you’re the head of a business, you’re a leader. It’s just a question of whether you see yourself this way.

If you don’t, you’d better work on changing your mindset.

My last email explained how the landscape of sales is changing. You have to get back to basics and provide people with what they need.

But, this doesn’t just apply to your customers. It also applies to yourself, your employees, and your family.

In this case, you’re not just a leader in the conventional sense.

You’re a lead income generator.

If you can’t make money right now, you have a big problem. And judging by the state of the world, this problem will only get worse.

What’s happening right now isn’t your fault. But it IS your responsibility.

Do you know what my worst nightmare is?

It’s not being able to provide for my family. As an entrepreneur, this would be the biggest failure of my life.

I couldn’t take not being able to provide for my family – not being able to put food on the table, or secure my kids’ education.

I bet that this is your fear as well.

I know that it’s scary. But that fear should motivate you to adapt to what’s happening in the world. You must take responsibility for your business.

Do you have a team by your side?

If so, they expect the same level of security as your customers and family. It’s your job as the leader to ensure that your people have jobs.

Of course, you can’t do it all on your own… But it ultimately depends on your decisions and actions.

As soon as you understand this, you’ll have the power to push through this crisis and come out on top. So, start seeing yourself as a true leader and lead your people to safety and prosperity.

Be Awesome!

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How to adapt to this crisis

Right now, we’re still dealing with the pandemic, and the crisis will have an impact on us for the foreseeable future.

So, why am I telling you things you already know?

Because people are not learning from what’s happening. Even though they know what’s going on, entrepreneurs are failing to adapt.

And I’m here to help you with this.

Here’s the harsh truth that you need to hear…

People don’t want to buy fluffy and airy stuff right now. They’re looking for things that provide tangible value.

If you want to sell today, you must strip everything back to the basics.

In other words, you must focus on the crucial things that people need in times like these…

Income, health, and happiness.

Does your offer provide these things? Is there something that gives people safety, joy, or the resources that they need to push through this?

If not, I’m sorry to say that you’re not going to have a good time as a business owner.

The world is changing…and taking sales with it. There’s no room for wishy-washy services or products. Instead, your customers want you to help them weather this storm.

The good news is that, whatever your offer, there has to be something about it that does this in one way or another. You don’t need to transform someone’s life to sell – you just need to be there to help your audience.

At the end of the day, making sales boils down to giving people something that’s worth more than their money.

Can you do this?

If not, you’d better figure out how, pronto.

And if you can’t do it alone, reach out to someone who can teach you. In my next email, I’ll show you why this is so important.

Until then, find tangible value in what you do and showcase it.

Be Awesome!

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One thing you need for better sales

How confident are you in yourself and your business?

Do you clearly see the value in what you offer?

If not, I have some bad news for you…

Your customers won’t see your value either!

In my last email, I talked about finding the things in your offer that your customers value, but you might have neglected. This can go a long way to making higher sales.

But, none of that will matter if you don’t value yourself. If you sell yourself short, how can you convince people to buy?

For this reason, one of my main goals is teaching people how to be more confident and present themselves in the best light. If you can’t pull this off, it could very well be the root cause of all your business woes.

There’s one thing that your sales efforts must radiate – and that’s enthusiasm.

If you’re not enthusiastic about your offer, how can you expect others to be? If you can’t get people excited about your products or services, you can’t expect them to buy.

As you may know, purchase decisions are highly emotional. To sell, you must learn how to elicit positive emotions in your audience.

At the very least, you have to manufacture enthusiasm, if you can’t easily feel it. Project your enthusiasm outward and people will associate that feeling with you and your offer. That will make them more likely to buy.

The good news is that, even if you don’t feel confident or enthusiastic, you can practice projecting those feelings. Think of it as another skill that you can pick up.

If you have a team, get everyone in the team to practice confidence and enthusiasm. As for yourself, you can stand in front of a mirror and practice.

Forget that it might feel awkward at first. When you get it right, and sales start to come rolling in, you’ll know that it was well worth the effort.

So if you’re wondering what to work on, there’s your answer… Work on your enthusiasm and you’ll be able to sell more.

Be Awesome!

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What your customers REALLY want

How to find out what your customers REALLY want from you

What’s the most valuable thing about your offer? What gets people coming back again and again? What helps you sell to more customers?

You might think you know the answer to these questions.

But, if you’re like most business owners and salespeople, this probably isn’t true.

I see so many business owners who have no idea what their customers value the most.

They assume, but they don’t really know.

And let me tell you something…

What you think is the most valuable can be very far from the actual value that customers find in your offer.

If you don’t figure this out, you can’t find your strongest suit. You can’t find your unique market position. You can’t play to your biggest strengths. In the long run, this can be very dangerous!

So how do you make sure that it doesn’t happen?

The answer is shockingly simple:

Just ask your customers!

Reach out to the people who are happy with what you have to offer. Ask them about the most valuable thing that they received from you.

For example, if you operate a hair salon, you might think that customers appreciate the color or hairstyle that they came away with.

But this might just be the surface-level benefit.

What they actually value might be the feeling of confidence that your color or hairstyle gives them. They feel good about themselves and better in their own skin.

Now, that’s value!

You need to get in touch with your happy customers and find your meaningful value. You can ask anyone – other than friends and family members, as they’ll probably be too polite to tell you the harsh truth.

Find the customers who will objectively tell you what part of your offer matters the most to them.

In many cases, I bet you’ll be surprised by the answer!

Now, when it comes to providing value, this is only one aspect to focus on. In my next email, I’m going to show you something else that will help you deliver even more value.

Be Awesome!

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I have two words for you: role play

You know that I’m a big advocate for quieting that little voice in your head. It stands in the way of so many things in life.

And, that includes your sales deals.

So, I have two words for you: role play.

You need to role-play. One of the ways to get over it, is through it.

I’ve worked with seasoned veterans. I got them to role-play handling the toughest objections until they have it down cold. 

And, then I watched their conversions go up by 30% to 40%.


Not because they had snappy answers, because it’s not about the answers. It’s because their confidence level was so high, the person at the other end had a level of confidence in them as well.

Nobody’s going to give you $100,000 if they think you’re a shaky individual. So, you need to build up that confidence with role-playing.

It’s essential that you cover these components in your role-play:

  1. Build Confidence

First, the old rule of thumb is, the person who asks the question is always in control. So, when you hear the objection, the first thing you do is acknowledge it.

“Thank you. I appreciate what you’re saying.”

Do this to create a point of agreement before you handle the objection. 

  1. Ask Questions

Next, it’s time for you to ask a question:

“Why do you think it’s too expensive?”

“What are you comparing it to?”

Of course, you can ask any question you want. But, the point is to ask a series of intelligent questions to get to the truth. Many times, the first objection is not the real objection.

It’s a bit like the first volley to get you out of the way or put you off. Practice countering it with your own questions.

  1. Bring the Little Voice in Your Head Down and Confidence Up

Lastly, when role-playing, focus on getting past that little voice between your ears. When faced with an objection, you can’t falter. If you do, stop the role-play and start again.

Why isn’t it okay to hesitate? We hesitate in real life, right?

But remember, this drill isn’t about you handling a prospect. It’s about you killing that damaging, debilitating little voice. So, you need to learn to override it.

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An Irresistible Offer

Let me ask you a simple question:

How do you sell?

Do you just say, ‘Here’s my offer, it costs X amount of dollars, go ahead and sign up here?’

If this is the way you go about it, you’re making a big mistake. And if you’ve wondered why people aren’t buying, that might be the root cause.

Here’s the thing…

Just because you want to sell doesn’t mean that people are ready to buy. You can’t just approach a stranger and ask them to buy from you.

Rather, what you need is a methodical multi-stage sales process.

You must know how to construct an offer that your prospect is going to have a hard time rejecting.

For instance, we use 11 steps to sell our training. We don’t just put it on a website with the signup information. We know it’s important to nurture our leads until they trust us enough to buy.

Because that’s what it all comes down to – trust.

If there’s no trust, there’s no sale.

And this applies to whatever you’re selling.

Now, the stages that we teach can take six minutes or six months, depending on your sales cycle. But you must get your prospects through those stages if you want to sell effectively.

Besides, you can measure the effectiveness of each stage and its contribution to the sale. When you invite people to a webinar, how many of them show up? Out of those, how many take you up on your free consultation or other offers?

Each step in the process should get the prospect closer to becoming a client. You must also inspect if there’s a bottleneck in the pipeline that pushes people away.

Today, sales is more elaborate than ever before. You need to adapt your process to the current landscape, or you won’t be able to convert effectively.

Structure your offer properly, experiment, and create a pipeline that’s overflowing with hot leads that are ready to buy.

Be Awesome!

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Mastering Your Selling Cycle

My team and I want to see you achieve your HIGHEST GOALS and live your BEST LIFE, making BIG MONEY, helping others, and having FUN in the process!

As someone who takes sales seriously, here is the training I promised you that will help you build your sales and income.

To truly understand Mastering Your Selling Cycle, let’s set the foundation (view the video below).

Introduction: Mastering your Selling Cycle

So, that you digest and incorporate each step, you will get one sales step every day over the coming 8 days. Every single step is important. Sometimes just mastering ONE step can add thousands –of dollars to your bottom line. 

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