Download these 2 Reports You Need in your Business right now

You don’t need or have to have all the answers right now. What you DO need is a good strategy to get the answers. My ‘TEMPLATE for RECOVERY and GROWTH’ and ‘SEVEN THINGS YOU MUST DO WITH YOUR TEAM IN THESE CRAZY TIMES TO CREATE SUCCESS FOR YOU AND THEM’ will help you and your […]

Discover the formula for business success

The difference between where you are today and where you want to go is not nearly as far as you think. It’s not years, it’s not even months– it could be an instance away. The fact is, almost 95% of the people who set out to reach for their dreams don’t get them, especially in […]

Introducing the Revolutionary New Blair Singer Virtual Training Academy

As many of you know, I believe that education is about transformation… not just sharing information and hoping someone absorbs it. I like to give people an opportunity to have an experience where they learn the information, apply it and get an immediate result that gives them a very personal understanding of what they just […]

How Competitive are you… Really?

Are you super competitive? Do you believe that competition is necessary to measure your performance, affirm your abilities and legitimize your skills? Do you measure and compare yourself to others to see how you “stack up”? Do you even compete with yourself? If you said, “Yes!” you’re not alone. All our lives we’ve been told […]

Marketing Must Haves

I’m not going to tell you that Im a Marketing guru or leader. But, after nearly 30 years in the business of Sales and Business Coaching, I have learned what I consider some marketing basics. Based on the advertisements I see both online and offline, I think there are still many business owners that dont […]