Get to know Jason Chessar: Certified BSTA Coach

Being successful in business takes a lot of hard work, not magic. However, for Jason Chessar, it’s both. At an early age, Jason fought with the demons of low self-confidence and taunting from other kids.  During that time, he became intrigued with magic and decided he wanted to be a magician. It was through that […]

Get to know Lynda Gale: Certified BSTA Coach

“Lynda Gale is a “coach’s coach.”  If you were in great need, completely stressed, and wanted to know that the person you were working with would never give up on you and always be there for you, it would be Lynda.  Her deep caring for others coupled with her incredibly clear version of “tough love” gives […]

Get to know Mac Attram: Level 2 Certified BSTA Coach

Mac Attram is a successful serial entrepreneur, a published book author, and a huge asset to our team and a great friend. He is currently a level 2 Blair Singer Training Academy Certified Trainer and Coach, and the founder of Mindspace Associates, a business-growth service for small to medium-sized businesses. He speaks to hundreds of […]

Get to know Michaela Wild: Level 2 Certified BSTA Coach

We interviewed Michaela Wild. Michaela has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with me and is as an amazing coach, on-stage performer, actress, and dancer. She is also a huge asset to our Blair Singer Training Academy organization. Listen to what she has to say… The following interview was edited for brevity and clarity. Q: How did you […]

Get to know Steve Koszman: Level 2 Certified BSTA Coach

Every now and then, there comes along a person who’s a shining example of someone who has been able to blend his or her different passions in life to create a business. Steve is one of those people. Canadian resident Steve Koszman (pronounced kush-man) is a DJ/emcee, Special Olympics coach, community leader and philanthropist — […]