The mindset you need right now

Do you consider yourself a leader?

By default, if you’re the head of a business, you’re a leader. It’s just a question of whether you see yourself this way.

If you don’t, you’d better work on changing your mindset.

My last email explained how the landscape of sales is changing. You have to get back to basics and provide people with what they need.

But, this doesn’t just apply to your customers. It also applies to yourself, your employees, and your family.

In this case, you’re not just a leader in the conventional sense.

You’re a lead income generator.

If you can’t make money right now, you have a big problem. And judging by the state of the world, this problem will only get worse.

What’s happening right now isn’t your fault. But it IS your responsibility.

Do you know what my worst nightmare is?

It’s not being able to provide for my family. As an entrepreneur, this would be the biggest failure of my life.

I couldn’t take not being able to provide for my family – not being able to put food on the table, or secure my kids’ education.

I bet that this is your fear as well.

I know that it’s scary. But that fear should motivate you to adapt to what’s happening in the world. You must take responsibility for your business.

Do you have a team by your side?

If so, they expect the same level of security as your customers and family. It’s your job as the leader to ensure that your people have jobs.

Of course, you can’t do it all on your own… But it ultimately depends on your decisions and actions.

As soon as you understand this, you’ll have the power to push through this crisis and come out on top. So, start seeing yourself as a true leader and lead your people to safety and prosperity.

Be Awesome!

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