Recruiting the Best Salespeople When You Have Little Money

Just about any business needs good salespeople. In order to sustain your company, you need someone who can bring in new clients so that you can focus on the business itself. But, what if you have no money?

Well, lucky for you, you don’t need a lot of money. Studies have shown that people aren’t always motivated by a bigger salary, and job satisfaction depends on more than just money.

In my business, I have more than 200 people around the world as a part of my team. And, I don’t pay any of them — they actually pay me. To learn more about how you can attract top salespeople for your business when big payouts aren’t yet an option, check out my recent article here.

We all need help achieving our goals. No matter what stage of business you’re at, you could always use some guidance or mentoring to help you get to that next level. If you’re ready to take that next step in your business, sign up now for a FREE 45-minute strategy session with a certified coach today.

Be awesome!

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