Processes vs. Systems

Recently I was asked what the difference is between processes and systems, and how to create systems via my Facebook Fan Page. Thanks for the question Manuel!

When I use these terms in the context of building a business, I am referring to them in the following way:

The process is the act of doing whatever the action is, such as hiring a new associate, picking and packing a product in your warehouse, or making an outbound sales call.

The system is the documentation of how you do the process so that it can easily be taught to others and they can then replicate the process generating a consistent result. The format of this documentation can include:

Training others to train people

Once you have a process that delivers the results that are effective for your company, create a system that allows anyone in your organization to be able to replicate the process to get the same results. This way, you will deliver consistent products, services and experiences to your customers, vendors and staff as you grow the size of your company.

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