Master Your Destiny: June 20-21, 2009

Today, more than ever, your time and money are valuable commodities. You cant afford to let another day or dollar slip away. Its time to turn your life around, be who you want to be, and achieve your dreamsrecession or no recession!

The reason most people do not realize their dreams and 95% of businesses fail – in good times or in bad – is’nt because of products, services, hard work or whats happening outside. Its because of whats happening on the inside of the individual or businessthe biggest of which is not knowing how to sell. And, the toughest sell of all is the six inches between your earsyour own Little Voice.

Learn to take charge of your Little Voice and achieve anything you put your mind to. Join me for two solid days for my Sales and Leadership Mastery Program, June 20th-21st, 2009 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The #1 skill for anyone to succeed in business and in their personal lives is the ability to sell. And the #1 blockage to making that happen and uncorking the flow of income and success is your Little Voice. In my 2-day program coming up, you will experience the ability to master your Little Voice once and for all as well as the Little Voice of others. Youll acquire the formula Ive given to hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of businesses over the last 25 years that made them prosper and grow.

I keep the program relatively small so that I can do lots of coaching and make sure everyone gets lots of hands on experience presenting, selling, drilling and winning. As of today, over half the seats are already taken, so if you want to partake in this high-powered weekend program, please register immediately.

Your investment is only $1495 – Special Pricing Now through June 5th 2009 Only. (Regular Tuition is $2995.) Hurry, while there are still seats left! Click here to register

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