Making it Big in Network Marketing


I was recently asked these two questions:

1. “How do I get thousands of people to join my down line in my networking business?”
2. “How do I get rid of their fear that I am just tricking people out of their money?”

After working with hundreds and hundreds of network marketers, I honestly believe that Network Marketing is one of the greatest businesses to be part of. You are provided with systems, products, compensation programs and often have a team in place. This infrastructure really gives you a leg up as an entrepreneur.

To get people in your down line, it really comes down to two basic principles about selling:

1. You have to be able to sell. You have to be able to sell yourself on the product. You have to be able to sell others on buying the product and more importantly, wanting to sell it themselves. Sales like this take the skill of being able to sell one-on-one, as well as being able to present on a stage and captivate a room of 5 or 500 people.

2. The other aspect that really comes into play with Network Marketing is that you HAVE to have the ability to teach others how to sell. If you want to grow your down line, you cannot do it on your own. For that matter, you cant really do any business on your own. But, in Network Marketing, the whole thing is about growing your team to have them sell and convince others to join the team. So, you have to be able to teach your team members to sell, and teach them to teach their team members to sell. That is truly the key to growing your down line efficiently, effectively and successfully.

95% of network marketers dont make any money because they dont want to be perceived as pushy or tricky sales person which leads to the 2nd question:

“How do I get rid of their fear that I am just tricking people out of their money?”This sounds like a question about convincing other people. But, I disagree. If you have the fear that other people are going to think that you are just trying to trick them out of their money, you need to take a look at what you are selling.

If you dont believe in your own products, then you may have that fear yourself (that you ARE just tricking people out of their money). If you truly believe you are tricking someone into doing something they dont want to, you are in the wrong business and need to find a new product to sell.

However, if you are passionate about the value that your products bring to the lives of others, as well as the opportunity to join your team, why should anyone believe that you are going to be tricking them out their money? In a case like this, a “Little Voice” in your own head that heard, “All Network Marketing companies are just trying to trick people out of their money!” is now telling you that people are going to fear you the moment you announce you are with a Network Marketing company. In instances like this, you need to quiet your own “Little Voice”.

If you let your “Little Voice” constantly concern you every time you talk to a prospect, even if the person would have been interested and truly have benefitted from what youre offering, theyll feel your own doubts and worry come through and will think something is not right. This “Little Voice” will ultimately kill a sale that would have been good for you and the other person.

Bottom line: If your products stink, get involved with new products. If your “Little Voice” is giving you bad information, tell it to “SHUT UP” and get to the task at hand of helping yourself by helping others have access to top products and exciting income and business opportunities!

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