From Singapore to South Africa, we all Struggle with our “Little Voice.”

I just got back from Singapore where I worked for five days with over 400 dedicated souls who wanted to learn how to be world class trainers and teachers. And you know what? No matter where I am in the world, the number one Little Voice issue that stops everyone dead in their tracks came up again.

It doesnt matter if youre Asian, American, Mexican or South African. Its the fear of what other people might think about youor what they might not think about youEither way its the same issue. The need to look good, to not look stupid, to appear intelligentare universal killers!! Even though we all have great gifts to give, too often we dont give them. Why? Because the fear, the worry and the cautiousness creates a barrier between each of us and the person were talking to. The result? Boring presentations, confusing messages, or complete avoidance.

Each and every time I was able to get that incessant Little Voice out of the way, brilliance popped through instantly. And every time it happened, it was like a shock wave of energy that actually pierced the roomand each time the crowd responded spontaneously. As Martin Luther King said in his final speech, ?Im happy tonight. Im not worried about anything. Im not fearing any man? From that place others listen, respond and transform.

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