FREE Online Group Study: Mistakes and Their Power in Our Lives


We are doing an online Group Study for members of my training community seeking Certification. Although this training is provided specifically for them, it is also open to my entire training community. Learn more about it below

For a long time, my friend Robert Kiyosaki and I studied the great Buckminster Fullers teachings. Many of his lessons shaped how we came to look at the world and the values we would ultimately choose to live by. Dr. Fuller, who we affectionately call Bucky, wrote a fantastic piece called Mistake Mystique (an excerpt from one of his books). I often use it to teach my students how to learn more effectively, and ultimately, the value of making mistakes.

You see, we are all conditioned from a young age to fear making mistakes. In most cases, this fear controls our lives at a subconscious level and prevents us from living into our true potential and realizing our inner most dreams. Yet, mistakes are actually the way God or the Universe guide us to learn. Changing how we think about mistakes is the first step to freeing ourselves from the paralyzing grip of fear.

Having said that, I invite you to a Group Study session on Mistake Mystique so we can all share the lessons we take from Bucky together; using those lessons to change our own perspective about helping others to learn, allowing ourselves to learn, and making the most of our mistakes!

This is a free online event taking place May 13 at 8am PT/11am ET.

Click here to register for this FREE online Group Study Session now.

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