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Have you ever noticed that just when you have a great idea that can make you lots of money, just when you decide you’re going to change your life, just when you believe you can be more than you are today, a “Little Voice” between your ears says, “Who do you think you are? Are you kidding? You really can’t do that in this economy?” It’s a pesky “Little Voice” that puts you down and holds you back with negative energy and thoughts.

But, imagine how extraordinary your life would be, where you could be, if you learned how to control that “Little Voice.” Believe it or not, you can. The power is already inside you. You just haven’t learned how to master it yet.

I wrote the book “Little Voice” Mastery so you can take charge of your “Little Voice” and achieve your dreams. I’m telling you, the power is right between your ears. I made sure to include simple techniques for mastering your own “Little Voice,” things that take no time at all, but are life changing.

I really want you to be the bigger, better you that is bottled up inside. Especially in these depressed economic times when it’s easy to feel down. I want you to overcome your “recession in your own mind” and make 2011 your best year yet!

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