Leadership in the Upcoming Elections…

And for any Person in a Leadership Role

In the United States of America, we are preparing to select new (or the same) leadership for our country. One of my associates shared a video with me (at the bottom of the blog post) that they thought conveyed some good information in preparing for this crucial time to come. After reviewing it, I found that Robin Sharma pinpointed many critical points about leadership – for both elected officials and the leaders in our businesses and communities.

Robin points out how important transparency is. I could not agree more! However, the one point missed in the question asked on “candor” is the mannerisms in which a leader conducts him or herself under pressure. Do they treat these direct questions and challenges as personal attacks – or do they stick to the issues?

A person reveals a lot about themselves in the heat.

The issues are important, but I look at the person as well. Who are they? Do they conduct themselves in a way that they preach? Do they exhibit honor and courage or do they stoop to new lows in communication and decency. Communicating honorably, consistent with what I recommend others to do, has been a BIG focus of my own for the last 18 months… at times, it has created moments of significant upheaval in my life and business – but it has been worth it.

I encourage you to watch this video and share additional questions of your own based on Robin Sharma’s definitions. These times are more important than ever. There are 7 BILLION souls now sharing our planet, elections everywhere, economic chaos globally, environmental chaos continually revealing itself. In the midst of all this, who is capable of leading without succumbing under pressure?

There is huge opportunity on this planet right now to turn the tide of chaos. As Bucky would say, can we emerge through emergency?

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Big News!

I want to thank all of you for being part of my training community. Wow! What an incredible response I have had from many of you that know about some important changes you will see in my upcoming programs.

Over the past few years, I have been developing new, more advanced programs designed to help elevate skills training beyond Presenter and Trainer to Facilitator and Leader. With my focus moving to these higher skill level courses, I have turned to the certified franchisees of my SalesPartners WorldWide franchise to take over presenting my 2-Day Sales and Leadership training programs in the US.

I sent a letter informing many of you that this Septembers 2-Day Sales and Leadership Program will be the last time I facilitate this program on a regular basis in the US.

Many of you who had expressed the desire to attend this 2-Day Sales and Leadership Program with me, which:

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Be Awesome!