The #1 Thing Your Team Should be Doing

There’s a crucial secret that they never teach us in school.  I’ll tell you right away – business is a team sport. But, schools have been telling us from a young age that individuality is the way to go.  What happens if we try to cooperate and do something together in school? The teachers say, […]

How to Recruit the Best People for Your Business Team

I have received a lot of requests from my readers to talk about teams — more specifically, how to build and recruit for a team. If you want to be a solopreneur, work 24/7, and not reach massive sales growth, then this video isn’t for you. However, if you want to grow your business into […]

Call a Timeout and Create a List of Goals

In my over 30 years of helping people and being on stage, there’s one thing that holds true. You may very well be your worst enemy.  Do you ever wonder how to tackle income limitations in your business? I tell clients all the time that the problem isn’t your marketing strategy or sales team. It […]

Are You Prepared?

Newspapers and cable news contain little to no positivity these days. Since mid-March, the coronavirus has taken over all the headlines. But why? How can a tiny piece of RNA wrapped in a lipid layer cause so much damage? There are any number of answers to this question. But there’s only one underlying cause: The […]

Download these 2 Reports You Need in your Business right now

You don’t need or have to have all the answers right now. What you DO need is a good strategy to get the answers. My ‘TEMPLATE for RECOVERY and GROWTH’ and ‘SEVEN THINGS YOU MUST DO WITH YOUR TEAM IN THESE CRAZY TIMES TO CREATE SUCCESS FOR YOU AND THEM’ will help you and your […]

An Introduction to the Business Success Formula

Blair Singer Intro to Business Success Formula

Do you want to build a championship team and increase your sales up to 85% in a matter of just weeks? While many of you may know what to do, it’s harder to figure out how to make it happen…   Just as we all know we should eat right and workout regularly, most people […]

Secret Tip of Awareness for Being a Great Leader

As a leader, you spend a lot of your time focused on bringing out the brilliance of those you are working with and helping them become the best versions of themselves.  It’s easier to do this when everything is rosy and everyone is riding high on great results, lots of wins and repeated successes. However, […]

Entrepreneurship is NO JOKE!

More Important Than Money

You have that stroke of genius, that million dollar idea, that vision of independence and true financial freedom and with your all the energy and passion that you have, you step out into the world of being in business for yourself. That’s when the trouble begins.  People, accounting, taxes, sales, legal issues, cash flow, and […]