Team Code of Honor: The Secrets of Champions in Business and in Life: Rich Dad Advisors

Every great team, culture, society, religion, or business that has endured time, adversity, and challenge has always had one thing in common: a set of simple but powerful rules that govern the internal behaviors and expectations of the group. It is called The Code of Honor. We hear of these Codes when we thing of things like The Ten Commandments, The Marine Corps, or the Constitution.

And if sales is the number-one skill in business, number-two has to be the ability to bring ordinary people together to build a championship team. This does not happen by chance or by the simple accumulation of talent. The Code is the core ingredient to creating winning organizations.

This audiobook is a step-by-step guide for any individual, group, or company to actually create a Code of Honor specific to their team. The Rich Dad Advisor series was designed as a “how-to” series to empower individuals to succeed in the world of business and finance. Team Code of Honor is critical to this series because its processes bridge all facets of business, investment, entrepreneurship, and even personal life. The audiobook explains through examples, stories, and numerous case studies how a Code of a set of rules is created, maintained, enforced and used for rapid and controlled growth of any entity.

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