Kathleen, Face for Humanity Skincare

quotestart-icon In 10 minutes, I’ve sold more than I’ve sold in the last 8 months for my business! I have grown so much as a human being, as a business owner, as a sales person, and as a friend in this last 2 days unbelievable, everybody has to do it! quote-end-icon

Sam and Matt

quotestart-icon It’s been a transformational experience for us, both personally and in our business. It’s going to have an exponential effect not just on the amount of sales we have but on the morale for our team as well… It’s unlocking your true potential.quote-end-icon


quotestart-icon I’ve had training in sales before and have attended many different sales events, but this was something unlike any of the previous ones that I’ve attended. I’ve had breakthroughs that are completely going to change my way of teaching, my way of selling, and also my way of managing my team. quote-end-icon


quotestart-icon Not only did we get some incredible skills that we’re going to take back to our market, but we battled some personal demons that have been holding us all back for a long time and we didn’t realize it until we came here! Those ugly demons reared their heads and we defeated them! quote-end-icon


quotestart-icon This program has actually taken me not just to the next level, but to 10 levels above what I thought it was going to take me. quote-end-icon


quotestart-icon This has been not just a life change, it has been a life TRANSFORMATION! I came here looking for a breakthrough because I’ve had some life challenges and job challenges, and I came here expecting some changes, something great to happen, and I got everything that I was expecting and then some. quote-end-icon


quotestart-icon It opened up a huge box of emotions in a very good way to show me what I’ve been doing in my personal life that is affecting my salon business, and how I can preach it all day long but until I practice it, I’m not growing… quote-end-icon


quotestart-icon The Sales Explosion Program explodes your mind and it explodes your body. What I have found out in the past 2 days the Little Voice in my head, I can control now more than ever before. I recommend this program – it is eye opening and life changing. quote-end-icon