SalesDogs Training School Kit

salesdogs-training-school-kit-innerAvoid or Overcome ANY Objection, Anytime and Anyplace and Skyrocket Your Sales!
Discover a proven, sure-fire way to increase your sales and multiply your effectiveness!

What prevents most sales people from picking up the phone and causes them to procrastinate and be discouraged is…the dreaded OBJECTION.

The fact is that most sales people (and network marketers) fail because they get discouraged after a few objections. Look, it’s only an objection…not a RE-jection. But the brain doesn’t know that. Worse yet, many times they hardly pick up the phone or approach anyone because of hesitancy, confusion or fear.

The FIRST STEP is to learn to overcome the intimidation and worry about what someone might say to you, particularly if it is an objection. Once you have learned the SalesDogs Training School technique for preparing and handling them, your sales will sky-rocket.

Rejection has been proven to be the number one fear of nearly everyone. Actually the fear of public humiliation has rated higher than the fear of death! The problem is that most selling programs, trainings and systems talk about how to market, how to present and even how to field objections. But…

That Doesn’t Help, When The Sweat Is Rolling Down Your Back, When Your Hands Are Sweating And Your Brain Disengages From Your Mouth!!

Can you relate? The SalesDogs Training School Kit gives you the blueprint and each step to learning how to overcome concern, maintain sanity and handle any objection in any situation.

You will have the confidence to speak to anybody, at any level without feeling nervous or intimidated. It is like having a Cheat Sheet to the toughest objections that anyone could ever throw at you. It will have you making more calls, closing more deals and enrolling more people than seasoned pros who have been at the business for years.

Why? Not only do we give you the right things to say, but the program actually re-programs the “little voice” in your brain quickly and painlessly. Once you follow the simple system in the kit, the “little voice” in your brain will take on a Clint Eastwood mentality any time you make a call or sense an objection.

Rather Than Worrying About What The Prospect Might Say, You Will Be Saying To Yourself, “C’mon… Make My Day!”

…which is a much more powerful attitude to have in any sales call. The SalesDogs Training School Kit will show you how to master the art and science of handling tough questions, hard objections, emotional and angry responses and even how to head them off at the pass before they are mentioned.

It Is A Known Fact That The Richest People Are Not Intimidated By Possible Objections or Challenges. In Fact They Thrive On Them. You Do Not Have To Be Born That Way. Its So Simple To Learn, Anyone Can Do It!

Here are just a few of things that you will learn and discover from the SalesDogs Training School Kit:

  • The very first thing you need to do before you ever talk to one prospect!
  • The answers to over thirty of the toughest and most common objections you will ever face, both personally and professionally and actually what to say!
  • How to answer your prospects’ questions and issues the RIGHT way the FIRST time!
  • The secrets to determining the TRUTH behind any objection so that you can nail the issues and close the sale.
  • The five things to do in the first thirty seconds after any call that will improve your closing statistics by at least 35%!
  • The three step process to mentally prepare yourself before any call that will put you in the drivers seat every time.
  • The exact thing to say to yourself in order to control your emotions under any circumstances so that you can think and respond clearly.
  • The Secret of how to conquer the “little voice” in your own head in any situation.
  • The perfect thing to do when someone is upset or when they fire a HOT question at you.
  • How to determine whether an objection is due to confusion, lack of understanding, emotions or withheld information and how to respond immediately so that you are in control.
  • The single most important thing to say to yourself that will turn the tide in your favor in less than sixty seconds.
  • How to diffuse an emotionally charged objection easily and harmlessly.
  • Determine if the prospect is telling the truth or blowing smoke.
  • What to instantly do when your emotion starts to rise so that you do not say something that you will regret later.
  • How to head objections and considerations off at the pass before they are even mentioned.

You will make twice the calls with ten times the confidence as anyone else in your position because you are armed physically, mentally and emotionally. This is because you will have:

  • The four steps to analyze any sales call and turn it into a win.
  • The never told secret for how to ultimately overcome the objections and considerations in your OWN mind.
  • The five steps to eliminating FEAR from your mind.
  • The essential elements for determining the type of objection you are getting and how to address it immediately.
  • A system to trap and record the best answers that really work for you.
  • The skill to successfully debrief every sales call to build momentum for the next call.
  • The instant mental and emotional process for handling any setback, objection or failure in order to build energy and win deals.
  • How to isolate and trap even the smallest win and turn it into a powerful anchor for going into the future.
  • Process to control and direct the “little voice” in your own head in order to build momentum, confidence and success regardless of the outcomes.
  • Procedure for dissecting any call and finding the key issues that will turn it into future sales.

Here is what you will get with the kit:

  • The one-of-a-kind SalesDogs Training School Flash Card System. This system contains over thirty of the toughest and most common objections you will ever face, complete with time proven sure-fire responses. It includes a Hot Card system for handling your worst nightmare objections so you can be prepared, even if they never are mentioned!!! Included with this system are the instructions to a game that is GUARANTEED to re-condition and re-program your mind in minutes. You will actually be able to measure your confidence level in seconds. (Stop watch included!)
  • Fully Interactive Objection Handling CD Software System. Have objections fired off at you and practice handling them easily, with confidence and grace. No one will intimidate you again!
  • A complete CD audio program that reveals how you can implement this system and how to get the most out of it. It also includes the step-by-step processes for handling any objection, preparing for any objection, and how to control the “little voice” in your mind. You will be stepped through every secret for handling and anticipating objections both before, during and after every call so that you are never again intimidated).
  • A self-study workbook that systematically gives you a powerful formula for dissecting ANY objection (real or fictitious) and turning it into ammunition. It is the only self study program that also dissects the “little voice” in your head and eliminates limiting thoughts, fears and concerns painlessly. It will step you through the pitfalls of each breed of SalesDog in the face of objections and how to instantly flip it in your favor.

Your ability to master your own confidence is 95% of the sales game. The SalesDogs Training School Kit is the simple system that can take anyone from timid to top performer in sales! Order today and get started.

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