Discover Your Personal Blueprint for Delivering a Sales Presentation that Generates Immediate Income.
How to Deliver a Killer Sales Presentation That Motivates Your Audience Whether One-to-One or One-to-Many with Powerful Sales Presentations
powerful-sales-presentations-innerPresented by: Blair Singer

This program is the down and dirty about how to format and deliver a presentation that complements your personal style and motivates anyone listening to take immediate action. Some people practice presenting in front of live prospects. That’s not only high pressure, but creates high stress and is therefore a set-up for failure. This kit is designed for you to be able to walk in front of a group of prospects and deliver as if you had been doing it forever… even if it’s your first time!!!

There is no question that you can make more money selling to 100 at a time than to 1 at a time. Yet, most people dread the thought of speaking to groups.

After twenty years of selling and millions of dollars later, I am passing on my systems, templates and routines that I have used over and over again to deliver powerful sales presentations. They are a treasure chest of great systems that whether you are shy or bold, experienced or novice, you can use immediately to command the awe, attention and buying power of any audience.

Most importantly you can do it with passion, engagement and confidence, which in the end is the most important thing of all. You’ll learn:

  • How to telegraph your intended sales outcomes to the group and get them to happen
  • Specific components that you can practice to become confident and powerful in front of any group
  • How to isolate the prospects’ problems, pains and what to do to turn them into sales
  • Presentation tips that will keep the group alive and enthusiastic and wanting to buy
  • How to prepare and how to critique yourself so that every presentation sells more than the last
  • How to program your brain to eliminate stage fright and automatically replace it with passion and power so that you can focus on generating income

You will receive:

  • Compelling cash producing formats for presentations that you can copy
  • Powerful templates for creating elevator pitches a 30 second pitch that will qualify, motivate and excite anyone who has the remotest need for your product, service or idea

All you do is fill in the blanks!

You will be pre-programmed with the ability to:

  • Give a powerful pitch by phone that honors the receiver, qualifies them immediately and inspires immediate action…without being an ‘Attack Dog!’
  • Use words that sell and avoid words that create doubt
  • Apply the little known purpose of an Elevator Pitch and use it in every communication that you make so that you can make more money
  • Become recognized as an expert in your field instantly so that you automatically become the ‘go-to’ person in your territory when someone wants to buy

Use a tool box of techniques that will win you tons of new business such as:

  • How to turn hot prospects’ questions into income
  • How to gain superior confidence and credibility in less than a minute
  • How to win the most skeptical prospect instantly
  • How to make killer offers that motivate the group to take action simply on the power of the offer itself!

This package gives you the templates, the scripts and the formats to build your own powerful sales presentation that compliments your style and your strengths.

Order today and learn how to do your own Powerful Sales Presentations!