Public Speaking Training

public-speaking-innerBlair Singer has spent over 30 years speaking from the stage and transforming the lives of those in his audience. He dedicated years to studying and developing an experiential training process that allows him to quickly connect with a room from speculative attendees and change them to enthusiastic participants.

In Blair’s training programs, he has systemized the process of speaking effectively from the stage as possible by providing templates and basic processes to simplify learning for new speakers as much as possible, while helping them impart their critical teachings and engaging the audience.

For more advanced speakers, Blair offers Master Facilitator, a program that teaches participants how to:

  • Spontaneously create experiential exercises and activities that will create quick learning for participants
  • Structure an entire program that will excite and educate all the attendees
  • Sell future programs and speak on other people’s stages
  • Effectively manage any challenging participant or situation that arises in the room
  • And much more!

Blair is the trainer of trainers and is an expert at giving people those “Aha” moments so that they accelerate their business and transform their lives.

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