personal-development-training-innerWhen Blair first started his career, he had relationship and financial problems weighing him down. He came to realize that the one common denominator in all of his problems was HIM! So, Blair studied with the most powerful mentors, coaches, and personal development gurus in the world to figure out how to change.

By learning and following their techniques, his life began to turn around. The more he followed the rules with exactness, the better things got in his life. He started earning a lot more money, building better businesses, found the love of his life, and now has an amazing family. Blair learned how to live the life of his dreams and be happy.

However, Blair’s path was a bit different than most. As he learned from his teachers, he taught others what he was learning. Having had some of the greatest teachers in the world coach him on how to teach, he developed an unusually powerful ability to teach others in a way that produced amazing results in a very short time.

His love of learning coupled with his talent for teaching has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. His life-long commitment is to continually develop ways to teach these skills so that every person who wants them can have the extraordinary life they were meant to live. That is Blair’s mission. It’s what drives his passion and has flown him repeatedly to the far corners of 5 continents over the last 30 years. Blair is committed to helping you win.

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