Master Facilitators Inner Circle Program

The other night kicked off the first session of the Master Facilitators Inner Circle Program. What a home run!!! We studied Daniel Pink’s Chapter 5 on Mastery from the book “Drive” and everyone got the real secrets of how to motivate people to take action in any training, teaching or facilitating situation – in or out of the training room.

The big “AHA” for everyone was discovering the essence behind why a great facilitator is always in demand and what their REAL mission is.

During the session, we “made over” 3 existing programs for members that will shift their entire programs. And on the spot, created a 5-minute presentation that one person is going to do in front of 5000 people that will clearly rivet the audience members and drive them to action.

For a Hong Kong Inner Circle member, we designed and choreographed two one-hour sessions on marketing. She was stuck as to what to do until we used “facilitator skills” to extract the outcome she was seeking, her programs steps and an outline from her in about 60 seconds. From there we created the exercises, the debriefs and everything. Good thing it was recorded!!! It was magic!

I cannot wait to do one-on-one calls with each of the programs members… Watch out training world!!!!! A whole new form of leadership is about to hit the streets.

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