Introducing The Scottsdale Business Development Center

Many of you in my community know that I recently opened a new training facility in North Scottsdale called the Scottsdale Personal and Business Development Center.

I’m really excited to have this facility in my home town where I will be able to hold my world-renown programs and have other world-class speakers and businesses use the facility to teach their own programs.

Blair Singer Event at Scottsdale Business Development Center
Blair Singer Event at Scottsdale Business Development Center

In the past two months, we have held my Sales Explosion Program, as well as my 5-day intensive program called The Ultimate Personal Development Program.

With tremendous team effort from my regular staff and volunteers from around the world, both of these programs were practically seamless as if we had been holding them here regularly.

Most importantly, participants raved about their personal experiences and record-setting results ($21 million dollars in sales of their own products/services in just 4 days – not bad for 48 participants)!

The Center will be a place where small, medium and large businesses will be able to come to grow and learn how to achieve and exceed their goals. Those of you who know me, know I have a vision to improve the quality of life for EVERYONE through transformation of the marketplace and by creating the greatest teachers and leaders in the world. You also know that, for over 25 years, I’ve proven that it takes a combination of high impact personal and business development training and accountability to make that happen. This Center will be a place that grooms these types of businesses, leaders, and teachers.

To fulfill this mission, well be hosting our full array of sales, team, facilitation, and leadership development programs at The Center. These are the same programs that we have been conducting with great success globally for many years.

Part of the local curriculum will be monthly programs to give businesses income-generating tools, team development strategies, and injections of vision, inspiration and leadership.

The purpose of this Center is to also support other businesses, training development organizations and coaches who are looking for an ideal venue to conduct their training programs, conferences, retreats, off-sites, and seminars (both large and small).

Our next monthly training will be the Sales Explosion Evening taking place May 28, 2015 at 6:30pm. You can learn more about it or register by clicking here.

If you are interested in looking at the facility for your business or meeting needs, please contact us at: or call Drisana or Angie at: 602/224-7791.

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