Growth Requires Risk

In working with my fitness trainer and mentor Mack Newton, I made a huge distinction about pushing and risking. You have to take risks. Why? Because by not taking a risk, you actually risk not finding that extra gear, that next level of who you can be. The result of that non-risk taking is accepting a level of performance that you choose to maintain. Yet the world is not static. By trying to maintain, you actually move backward. There is no neutral in life.

Working with Mack, I know I have more gears to go to…. he helps me find a way to get to them… physically, mentally and emotionally. We all have more to give, but the risk of pain, or the possibility of failure, stands in the way. Yet the biggest risk is taking none. You have to find a way to get to your next gear to be all you can be. Are you willing to take the risk?

As one of my associates, “The more risk I take, the more confidence I have! It forces me to trust myself!” Wow!!!!

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Be Awesome!

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