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dream_bigYou have dreams and incredible abilities… but if you are like most people, you will spend your life “hoping that things will get better”. It’s not because you aren’t capable – you are! It’s because you don’t have the right system to set the right goals to get what you really want.

It’s time for you to get the results that you want in all areas of your life. Don’t let 2018 be another year of “almost getting there” or your Little Voice convincing you to simply be happy with what you have and not set your expectations too high.

This FREE Champion Level Goal Setting webinar will help you (and your team) hit your big financial stretch goals, get in better shape, start that new project… whatever that critical goal is for you.

Champion Level Goal Setting is a one-of-a-kind process that has:

Blair Singer
Blair Singer

Most of my life, I have set goals for myself to achieve my own dreams. In fact, I became a compulsive goal setter because I had never met any champion in the world of business, sports, or life that did not set goals for themselves. Yet, it seemed that some of my goals were hit or miss. Half the time they were more hopes than goals. Can you relate?

Yet, along the way, I was blessed to have been coached and taught by some of the greatest teachers on the planet. One of them is Mack Newton. When he shared with me this incredible goal setting process that you are about to experience, I quickly realized that this was THE process. The process that would eliminate all the wishing, hoping and wondering when it came to achieving what you want.

Mack Newton
Mack Newton

Mack Newton is an 8th Degree Taekwon-Do Master, in the top echelon of the most elite fitness coaches, has coached the most premier athletes in the world, and has multiple World Series and Super Bowl rings. I am honored to say that he is my coach as well.

Having spent 30 years teaching businesses and individuals how to be the best they can be, I approached Mack to collaborate with me to bring his unique process to the rest of the world. What has resulted is a one-of-a-kind ground-breaking Goal Setting Program that will help you define your most important goals- and develop a solid plan (unlike any other) to reach them!

Take advantage of this unique program I will personally deliver LIVE (which typically sells for $195), but is available to you FREE on this Webinar!

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This program will:

Through this process, I will help you clear your head and move past your self-sabotaging “Little Voice”. You will learn how to access the true essence of what you REALLY want to achieve and avoid the barriers your mind usually presents that hold you back from pursuing what is most important to you.

I’ll reach into your very core to find the best part of you and bring it to the surface! Using this information, you will build a plan that brings your goals to you quickly.

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Join us January 18th 4-5:30 Arizona Time

Click here for the date/time in your region

Use Phoenix as the webinar location

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