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Is that “Little Voice” in your head helping you or sabotaging your efforts? You know the “Little Voice” I am talking about? It’s the one that just said, “What Little Voice?” Uncover where it’s holding you back and how to fix it in order to have unlimited confidence, energy, results, and stop hurting yourself.

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You have a natural, authentic way to communicate and sell. By completing this quiz you will discover the true “SalesDog” inside of you. You will know how to play to your strengths and sales will become fun and easy.

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Do you have the right people around you? To succeed in business, your team is your greatest asset. Find out if those around you are the right people and if they are all pulling together. Discover the answers by completing the diagnostic and then what to do to make them a championship team.

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11 Ways to Re-program Your Brain for Ultimate Confidence

Whether you are looking for a raise from your boss or closing a deal…the most important sale is YOU selling YOU to YOU. Learn 11 unconventional and powerful ways to eliminate self-doubt and cool strategies to handle any objection.

18 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Nothing Else Works

Sometimes you are just plain UN-Motivated! Your whole life changes when your mood level changes. Learn how to get out of that slump quickly and powerfully.

11 Team Building Tips for High-Performance Entrepreneurs

Tip #9 could literally transform everything
Tip #4 Learn what to actually TEACH your team to do to make them champions

Hot Tips to Increase your Sales and Income

Learn the biggest secret to exploding your sales
Money is attracted by something you would not expect. Check out chapter 8.

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20 Biggest Mistakes Presenters Make and How to Avoid them

Avoid the early nervousness and fumbling of any presentation. Follow this customized template that will earn you instant respect, credibility and trust with any group.

Story Board Builder

Ever struggled to figure out what to say in 2 minutes or less to introduce yourself to a group in a compelling way that wins them over instantly? Here are 5 simple fill in the blank templates to make you look like a champion and give you the confidence to instantly be your authentic self.

Code of Honor

Here is our set of rules that has built and sustained great teams all over the world. Use as a starting point for your own.

Self-Sabotage Eliminator

How many times have you abused yourself by not giving yourself what you want? Not getting what you want or being prevented from getting what you want or being given something you do not want is called…abuse. You have the power to stop it, NOW. Download this template for simple steps.

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Leadership is a staple regardless if you are a senior executive or an entrepreneur. Blair Singer has helped tens of thousands of people increase their sales and income 15-85% in an average of just 6 weeks using experiential training that generates results before participants even leave the program.