Master Facilitator Programs

I applaud those of you who have started down the path to becoming outstanding Trainers and Presenters. However, if it is YOUR personal goal to rise to the next level of a “LEADER” – a person who touches thousands – even millions – of lives in an exceptional way…

I am putting together a special group of skilled and motivated Trainers and Presenters to continue on a very special journey with me…

I have two goals in my professional life:

  1. To add value to the lives of as many people as possible, directly and indirectly.
  2. To be richly rewarded financially for delivering life-changing improvements to those I have taught.

If you share these same goals that I have had all these years – these same goals which have led me to the spiritual, emotional, and financial success I now enjoy – I encourage you to participate in this exclusive private training event.

This training event is just you and me!

It will include group training and one-on-one coaching to take you to the next level of becoming a Leader. The results of attending the program are designed to help you once again make a QUANTUM LEAP in your ABILITIES and INCOME.

Participating in this program will set you apart from so many of your Trainer and Speaker peers because of the extraordinary level of knowledge and skills you will now be able to implement and the incredible impact you will be able to make by helping others.

Please let me know as soon as this program date is scheduled

Using my 30+ years of leading and teaching experience, I mapped out what the next levels would be to bring you closer to influencing the lives of millions while sky-rocketing your income. Levels that, once learned, will allow you to reap the benefits of becoming the person you were meant to be and playing the HUGE game that you were meant to play. The program focuses on the level of:

Master Facilitation

Being a Master Facilitator gives you the ability to move way beyond the realm of a simple Trainer. The Master Facilitator Program will prepare you for opportunities in a market where there are very few qualified individuals.

  • Take on anything that happens in ANY room; good, bad or ugly, and turn it into a powerful transformational experience.
  • Go off script if necessary and lead, teach and inspire your audience through situations, while fully mastering and controlling the room.
  • Take any concept, information or message and instantly create an experience with your group that drives the lesson home so that they truly understand – and never forget it

Facilitation skills are critical because they transcend classrooms. You will be able to resolve rifts between departments, cultures, legal arguments, and in contract negotiations. You will be called upon to work with the best and the brightest, to create and facilitate projects, that not only change the lives of thousands, but the cultures of organizations, communities and even nations.

You may think you already do facilitation from the stage. But, you have just scratched the surface. In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Handle any difficult situation in any room at any time elegantly, in full control and with positive outcome.
  • Take any experience, throw away the script, maintain control of the room and make life changing lessons for everybody in attendance.
  • Tame the nastiest of emotions.
  • Work with participants that are stuck or resist participating.
  • Master and redirect the shared Little Voices of an entire room, organization and community.
  • Take any data and create an accelerated, energetic simulation, game or experience to drive the message.
  • Debrief any episode, action or activity in a way that creates irrefutable evidence for change to even the most skeptical person.
  • Drive predictable breakout performance with any group.
  • Shrink years of trial and error and avoid the plateaus and ruts that you would otherwise fall into.
  • Accelerate your learning so that you don’t stagnate into being just a Trainer.

You will have the ability to walk into any environment, be able to instantly assess it, massage it, take it where it needs to go and ultimately direct it toward YOUR intended outcome.


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