The Dream Team

Every Team can be a Dream Team. Learn how to find and create that kind of team.


Change your voice from defeat to gaining solutions. If you want to gain it, you have got to give it. How to go from defeated to overcoming through gratitude


How do you discipline your little voice to keep you on track? Accountability. In this course we will get your thoughts, emotions, words and actions all lined up in a way that what you say is what you think is what you do.

Approach and Contact

Now, that you’ve found people with money. Learn how to connect with them so there is trust, understanding, and rapport.

3 Critical Steps to increase sales income even in volatile times

Vichai Gambhir (Rommie) is one the top conversion specialists in the world. His ability to design and deliver compelling offers for nearly any business has helped his clients increase their income 20 to 80%. He has taught these skills to tens of thousands of individuals. Listen as he shares a few of those tips with you.

Finding People with Money

The first step in the selling cycle is…finding people with money.

Learn how to do that in this course.

Playing to your Strengths

Discover why playing to your Strengths is critical. Trying to be like someone else is not in your best interest.

Making the Code Work

How to make the code work: learn how to give and take feedback to maintain a standard. There is an easy and effortless way to do it.