Different Ways to Generate More Leads

In all the years I’ve travelled the world and spoken on stage, audiences ask me the same question: Blair, how do I find people with money and a need? Those are the leads that you want. But, it may be a struggle for you to pinpoint which way works best. I can take you through […]

How to Get the Money You need when I Close?

I’ve been on countless stages and one question I hear a lot is: Blair, how do I get the money I need when I close? The answer is simple if you’ve followed my techniques so far. You got through the basic elements to close a deal. Now it’s time to deliver. If you asked trial […]

Build Confidence and Ask Questions

You know that I’m a big advocate for quieting that little voice in your head. It stands in the way of so many things in life. And, that includes your sales deals. So, I have two words for you: role play. You need to role-play. One of the ways to get over it, is through […]