Mission of Blair Singers Training Academy:

To improve the quality of life for everyone through transformation of how education and learning is facilitated worldwide by creating the greatest teacher/leaders and facilitators in the world.

BSTA Code of Honor
  1. Support Blair Singer Training Academy by prioritizing:
    • Mission first; (includes family, self and spirit)
    • Team second; and
    • Individual third.
  2. Never abandon a Teammate in need.
  3. Everyone must sell.
  4. Ask more of others than they will ask of themselves.
  5. Be a walking demonstration of what you teach and coach; physically, emotionally, financially and professionally.
  6. Be on time.
  7. Respond to all requests within 24 hours.
  8. Take ownership and responsibility.
  9. No lay-blame, justification, finger-pointing or denial.
  10. Always take action to give the highest advantage of the greatest number of people and entities with the least disadvantage to all.
  11. Do whatever it takes legally, ethically and morally to win and celebrate all wins.
  12. Deal direct, be willing to Call it and be called.
  13. Honor all agreements.
  14. Clear up any potential broken agreement at the first opportunity.
  15. Clean up any actual broken agreement immediately.
  16. Communicate any issue to the appropriate person who is able to do something about it.? Go direct!
  17. Finish what you start!
  18. Stay in exchange in all personal and business transactions.
  19. Be honest in all transactions and communications.
  20. Never abandon your post.
  21. Actively engage in receiving personal development coaching on a regular basis, immerse in all BSTA materials and study sessions and re-attend programs.
  22. Full disclosure of business transactions and development.